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Public Policy Newsletter Update

CMSNE Public Policy Committee is actively working on two initiatives that support Case Management practice. The Nurse Licensure Compact in Massachusetts and The National Nursing Act of 2015. We are asking that you join in to support us with these articles of legislation. The Massachusetts Nurse Licensure Compact allows portability of the Massachusetts license within the Multi state compact.

New provisions were established for this bill May 4, 2015 by the National Board of Nursing to be addendum to the Massachusetts legislation H 2002 and added to the current legislation in the 25 states within the compact.

For more information go to the NCSBN web site tab licensure compact May 4, 2015 and access the CMSNE website Public Policy tab to sign onto a petition or write a letter in support of the bill to the Mass. Public Health Committee HR 2002

The National Nurse Act, HR 379 or S.1205 is National legislation we have been asked to support by CMSA. Access Bill information at 

We need outreach to Mass. Federal Legislators. Congressman Joe Kennedy (MA) and Senator Collins (ME) and Senator Warren (MA).

Access a support letter to be sent to the following Legislators. At CMSA Policy Maker Tab.

Congressman Joe Kennedy (MA)  

Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Senator Susan Collins (ME)

Submitted by the CMSNE Public Policy Committee and Chair Jenny Quigley-Stickney for question contact

Public Policy

Massachusetts House Bill H2002 - Nurse Licensure Compact

NLC Bill H2002 Text
Link to Bill:
Massachusetts: the Public Policy committee held a letter writing campaign at the Building Strategy Conference 3/11/15 to support House Docket 3216 “The Nurse Licensure Compact” and requested Legislators to assign the bill to the Public Health Committee.

Our letter writing campaign at the Building Strategies Conference was a big success and the HD 3216 docket was renamed later that day as H2002 Bill and assigned to the Public Health Committee 3/11/15 where it will be scheduled for testimony later this year.

At our next conference The Hospital Based Conference May 2 2015 we will hold another letter writing campaign and request that the Public Health committee schedule the bill for testimony. When a testimony date is set we will work with our colleagues from the MHA and NCSBN to establish testimony and speakers for the Public Health Committee hearing. If we can successfully gain support for passing the bill in the Public Health Committee the NLC Compact could become this year the 26Th state to join the compact. Updates as we move through the year will be provided on this website. If you cannot attend conference and wish to support this legislation the letter on this site will be updated and you can send it to your legislators on the Public Health Committee.

Jenny Quigley- Stickney CMSNE President Elect and CMSNE Public Policy Chair

Send letters in support of the Massachusetts Nurse Licensure Compact to key members of the
Joint Committee on Public Health.

Show your support as a Nurse and Case Manager in Massachusetts by sending an e-mail using our new 

Voters Voice Webpage


1. Follow the Link to Voters Voice
2. Click on the letter to Public Health Committee Members
3. Sign the letter. Put in your zip code and basic information and the letter will be sent to all members of the Public Health Committee requesting support for the NLC bill H2002.

NLC Articles supporting the rationale for forming a Nurse Licensure Compacts:

Click here.