Membership Newsletter Article

Membership Committee Update

Do you love being a Case Manager? Are you committed to your work? Why did you choose to be a case manager? What kind of a setting do you work in? Do you have an interesting story to tell? The membership committee would love your help!  The membership committee is looking for volunteers to record short (1-2 minutes) you tube video segments to be included in future newsletters and promotions.  Visit us during the Building Strategies conference on March 8th at the Lantana in Randolph Massachusetts and we can do the video tape or you can send them to us at Let us use your story to inspire others to become Case Managers!

Do colleagues ask you what is Case Management anyway? It is 2017 but there is still confusion and misunderstanding about what we do. A better understanding of the Case Manager role can help teams work together more effectively and can potentially attract other professionals to explore Case Management as a future job opportunity.

The membership committee has a Power Point and video presentation on “What is Case Management?” that we can bring to workplaces, schools or other venues. We also have a poster board that we are using at conferences. Please let us know if you are aware of any opportunities to spread the word about “What is Case Management?”  Contact us at

March is Social Work month!

CMSNE would like to congratulate our Social Work members and colleagues as they celebrate Social Work month!

Membership Committee Members: Elisabeth Dumas, Rose Zawia, Jamie Pickering, Deborah Giarrusso & Dolores Burke