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Please join me and the CMSNE chapter in congratulating Teri Treiger RN-BC, MA, CHCQM-CM, FABQAURP, CCM, on receiving the CMSA 2020 Case Manager of the Year Award.  Watch official CMSA announcement and acceptance.

Teri has been involved with CMSNE for over two decades. She has been instrumental in forming the organization and has stayed active in shaping it over the decades. We are so fortunate to have Teri supporting us.

As I said in my nomination letter:

“Teri is a prolific author, speaker and educator, generously sharing her knowledge and expertise with CM professionals and policy-makers. Her years of service at the local and national levels has undoubtedly had immense impact on the trajectory of our profession.

Teri remains an active member of CMSNE and generously mentors new leaders in our organization. Her experience as past president of CMSNE and CMSA, as well as the numerous industry positions and appointments she has held, provides invaluable insight that helps make our organizations successful. In todays’ terms Teri is an “influencer”.

A quick web search of “leadership qualities” returns thousands of results, however, there is one quality that is common to most of these lists, and that is “humility”.  Teri is the true model of humility. Her generosity of spirit and unselfish service to our industry are admirable and qualities we should all aspire to achieve."

This is an award truly deserved and long overdue.   Congratulations Teri!!!

Douglas Cushman, RN, CCM
CMSNE President, 2019-21

Case Management Society of America Professional Statement Against Social Injustice and Intolerance (revised)

Case Management Society of America’s (CMSA) Board of Directors releases this statement in alignment with the healthcare industry’s professional associations and credentialing entities.

The events of recent months, and especially these last weeks, have been overwhelming to many, evoking strong emotions and reactions about racism, societal injustice, intolerance and inequity.

CMSA’s Standards of Practice for Professional Case Management (2016) embraces unifying and collaborative principles for our profession to include but not limited to:

  • Practice cultural and linguistic sensitivity and maintain current knowledge of diverse populations within their practice demographics
  • Autonomy (to respect individuals’ rights to make their own decisions)
  • Beneficence (to do good)
  • Fidelity (to follow-through and to keep promises)
  • Nonmaleficence (to do no harm)
  • Justice (to treat others fairly)

Recognizing that:

  • We condemn police brutality against African Americans or any groups targeted because of race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender or religion.
  • Violence and disrespect against humanity will not be tolerated
  • All clients are unique individuals and the professional case manager engages them without regard to gender identity, sexual orientation, familial status, disability, race or ethnicity, religious or other cultural preferences, or socioeconomic status.
  • Case managers have long been on the forefront of change achieved through advocacy, collaboration, and professional action.
  • We support reform efforts to achieve social justice.
  • CMSA makes the following pledges for direct engagement and demonstration of support, committing to:
  • Provide financial contributions to organizations which strive for fair and equal justice, received from voluntary contributions of our CMSA members
  • Support public policies that address the prevention of violence and aggression on the human body, soul, mind and spirit
  • Fund research aimed at healthcare disparities resulting from race, societal inequities or socioeconomic status
  • Build tenets that position case managers at the forefront of reforming the healthcare system to deliver equitable and quality care for all persons

CMSA reinforces its commitment to the values and principles which underlie the ethical and professional practices of each of the disciplines that comprises our case management workforce: the consummate attention to the integrity, dignity, and worth of each person.

Get Involved in a Research Study
The Experiences of Nurse Case Managers Regarding Moral Distress

Jennifer Amadon, DNP(c), MSN, RN, CNE, a doctoral student at Regis College and CMSA/CMSNE member, has had her research proposal approved, focusing on Moral Distress and the Nurse Case Manager working in the hospital setting.

  • The purpose of this research study is to understand the phenomenon of moral distress in the role of the Nurse Case Manager through in-depth interviews with Nurse Case Managers who work in acute care organizations; and to develop an educational program based on the literature and what Nurse Case Managers believe is important to include in an educational program regarding moral distress.

For more information, please contact Jennifer at Jennifer.amadon@regiscollege.edu





Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you during these difficult times, to let you know that we continue to support you in your professional lives and offer you encouragement as we endure this pandemic. None of us is unaffected by this, as we are all likely feeling isolated from our loved ones and unable to help those in need, as is our nature. “Helpless” is not an adjective Case Managers are accustomed to so it is doubly difficult for us to experience.

To those of you who have been personally touched by Covid-19, we wish you a speedy recovery. To those who may have lost friends or family members to this horrible illness we offer our condolences.

The Case Management Society of New England is not immune from the effects of this pandemic. We recently had to cancel the Building Strategies for Success conference due to the imposed state of emergency in MA. As a result, CMSNE has taken a considerable financial hit due to the loss of revenue and money that we forfeited as a result of the late cancellation. Our priority at the time was maintaining the health and safety of our registered attendees and sponsors and, though we had no choice in cancelling the event, we will struggle to regain our financial stability and rebuild relationships with our sponsors. Unfortunately, we are unable to file a claim with our insurance carrier to recoup lost revenue, as this scenario does not qualify for coverage under our policy.

Currently, planning of most future events is on hold as we await the outcome of this disaster. We have taken several measures to limit expenses and minimize any further financial impact. With the reduced activity, we have asked Maureen Ferguson, our Executive Director to take a half-time furlough. As a result of this, office hours are reduced. Please continue to contact the office with any questions or needs, but understand that your response may be slightly delayed.

We are exploring the possibility of offering remote learning experiences and are working with sponsors to see if this is feasible and desired by our membership.

Also, our annual conference, scheduled for October 12 and 13 in Southbridge MA is still in the works. The committee continues to move forward in planning this and it promises to be a great conference. Currently, the committee is accepting submissions for speakers and the “Call for Papers” application is available through our website: https://www.cmsne.org/2020-call-for-papers/ . Please consider submitting to be a presenter at our conference. You have knowledge and expertise that is invaluable to your fellow Case Managers.

I want to remind you that our nominations for Board seats is open with our election to take place this summer. We are currently seeking nominations for President-elect, Treasurer, Directors-at-large and state Extension co-chairs. Our organization is only as successful as our board and membership make it. You have unique perspectives, experience, opinions and ideas that add value to what we can offer to our membership.

If a Board position isn’t your thing, please consider volunteering to be on a committee. Time-limited, focused work to accomplish the goals of the committee. Support and mentoring are priorities and we will never ask you to do something you are not comfortable doing. We make the work fun and easy to fit into your busy schedule. Contact any of the Board members or Maureen at the CMSNE office if you have questions.

Our recent celebrations of Passover and Easter offer us the renewal of hope and inspiration to continue on our individual journeys with humility and conviction. Though these times can be rife with clichés, we want to remind you that we will get through this and be stronger for it. We will continue to move forward to recover from this as an organization and thank you for your support.

Douglas Cushman, RN, CCM
CMSNE President, 2019-21

Congratulations to CMSNE 2019 Case Manager of Year
and Award of Service Excellence Recipients

Case Manager of the Year
Douglas “Doug” Cushman, RN, CCM
Award of Service Excellence Recipient
Liane “Lee” Stressenger, RN, BS, CCM

Congratulations to CMSNE Annual Conference
Exhibitor Booth Winners

1st Prize Winner - Vibra Hospital2nd Prize Winner - Care Dimensions

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CMSA and CCMC Announce Collaboration

The Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) and the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) announced an agreement today to work collaboratively to promote case manager professional development. CMSA will promote and support the CCM certification and, in turn, CCMC will promote and support membership in CMSA’s case management association. Under the agreement, CMSA members will receive a 20 percent discount when applying for the CCM as well as upon renewal. Those who hold the CCM certification will receive a 20 percent discount for CMSA membership.   Watch a video on new collaboration effort.
To receive discount contact member services at either of the organizations so that the discount is reflected on your renewal invoice.