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CMSNE Public Policy Update

What’s new with CMSNE Public Policy in 2019.

We are actively working on legislation in our communities that enhances the role of the Professional Case manager, collaborating with other professional organizations working on legislation that promotes professional Case Management development and monitoring legislation that will provide resources for Professional Case Managers. 

 Active Legislation

The Nurse Licensure Compact  The ENLC has been in action in Maine and New Hampshire for the last few years.  Learn more about how these states actively working within the compact.  New Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact implementation FAQs are available at   This can help enhance your knowledge as to why the compact is important and essential for all states.

NLC Legislation pending Massachusetts and Vermont

Nine states this year across the nation have pending NLC legislation. CMSNE has teamed up again this year with National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN), Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA)and American Nurses Association (ANA) Nurses in Massachusetts to support passage of the NLC.  Current Bill S103 sponsored by Senator Boncore. The bill was heard for testimony 5/7/19 in the committee for Consumer Protection and professional licensing. The ENLC Coalition group is still hopeful for passage of this bill to the Public Health Committee.

Vermont is supporting S125 Nurse Licensure Compact heard for the first time and recommended for the Committee on Health and Welfare 2/22/1019. The NCSBN is working on this bill and hopeful for passage this year.

Rhode Island has not submitted a bill this year. CMSNE will be working with NCSBN on education in this state to try to get the bill passed for next year’s legislation.

Participate in CMSNE Letter Writing Campaign for Massachusetts and Vermont Support legislation in both Public Health Committee’s for NLC

Complete Letter to Legislators

For more education regarding enhanced NLC, FAQ’s and new rules and regulation Go to the National Council on State Board of Nursing website under the tab for Nurse Licensure Compact.

CMSNE Public Policy Watchlist 2019

Telehealth Bill 2019 Four new telehealth bills to watch in Mass to explore new innovation in care provision that may impact professional case management practice.

  • HB 1002: An Act Expanding Access to Telemedicine Services;
  • HB 1001: An Act Relative to Behavioral Health Telemedicine;
  • HB 991: An Act Advancing and Expanding Access to Telemedicine Services; and
  • HB 1095: An Act Enhancing Access to Telemedicine Services.

Opioid Crisis Bill 2018-2019 and its impact on state local legislation go to learn more about this federal legislation.

In the fall look for state to state updates that impact your regional case management practice. Learn about the new 5 Point Strategy for managing Opioids from National Health and Human Services organization

Caregiver Act 2018
for more information on this bill and how this impacts professional hospital based case managers practice go to Care Act (,org/tag/care-act).

Understand how NLC impacts Nursing

Click below to watch NCSBN’s “Unlocking Access to Nursing Care across the Nation,” a half-day forum that brought expert panelists from across the U.S. together to discuss the challenges of 21st century nursing and the solutions presented by the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). (update from NCSBN)

NLC Articles supporting the rationale for forming a Nurse Licensure Compacts:

Five Reasons to Endorse the NLC

The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact  - What Policymakers Need to Know

For additional information or interest in participating on CMSNE's Public Policy Committee contact the chapter office at 

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