Social Initiative

2015 - 2017 CMSNE Social Initiative
- Caring for the Uninsured

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 allowed for provisions for under and uninsured to have access to healthcare models and new insurance plans. As we move into 2017 this plan will come under revision and a new model for national healthcare will be unfolding throughout the next year.

The CMSNE Social Initiative for 2015-2017 focuses on healthcare programs and services that assist the uninsured. 

In the latest US Gallup poll for 2016 the uninsured frequency was at 11% for all adults regardless of race. Caring for these uninsured has become a national challenge and the US goal for developing insurance for all will be changing in 2017 to accommodate these challenges.

New health initiatives have been supported under the Affordable Care Act by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) innovations center to provide new programs and resources for those who are uninsured.

The CMS current programs focus on developing partnerships for patients, value based bundled payments for care improvement, comprehensive primary care initiatives, federally qualified health center advanced practice care, Medicare shared savings programs, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO's), and financial models to support efforts for Medicare/Medicaid enrollees.

Each state within CMSNE region is involved in CMS Medicare/Medicaid models for innovation originally supported by the ACA 2010 and continued innovations under the new Medicare revisions for 2017 to learn more about these initiatives go to and open innovation tab putting in your State to further define programming specific for this state.

Throughout the next year CMSNE will highlight new measures for the uninsured and innovative healthcare models provided across the CMSNE region that provide access for uninsured.  The Social Initiatives Committee will be working with other CMSNE committees to locate innovative programs within your community. Last year’s initiative focused on innovations in CMS Hospice programs and updates from the healthcare exchanges to provide insurance for the uninsured in the CMSNE region.

Jenny Quigley-Stickney, CMSNE President 2015-2017