Mary McClintock, RN, MSN, CCM


Mary McClintock, RN, MSN, CCM What Mary enjoys most about being a case manager are the opportunities to work in different areas of Health Care. She started as an office Case Manager in an HMO, moved to Insurance Case Manager, then to Hospital Case Manager and currently work in Case Management Operations and Informatics. Mary’s current position allows her the opportunity to work with case managers on the units in the hospital, work with Directors of Case Management and Revenue Cycle departments on projects such as throughput and LOS and also help train new staff. Through all of these positions and still today having a network of colleagues whom she can access and network with is very important. “The Case Management Society of New England has a diverse group of Case Managers that get together and host programming and calls to discuss topics associated with various areas of case management. Whether meeting in person, via Zoom or just a phone call there is always someone available with knowledge to answer a question.”